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Polkadot Chocolate

Polkadot chocolate is famous for its powerful hallucinogenic effects and medical benefits. read more
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The Power Of Polkadot Chocolate Mushrooms

POLKA DOT MUSHROOM PACKAGING | POLKADOT CHOCOLATE PACKAGING Polka dot mushroom bar has a very unique packaging. It’s packaging is completely different from that of other mushroom chocolate bars such as the wavy bars and one up mushroom bars. These polkadot bars comes in a rectangular package with many different colors depending on their various flavors. You can identify an original polka dot mushroom bar from its unique packaging. They have QR scans both in the front and the back. The QR codes are on the lower right corner of the front and back of the package. Also, it has the POLKADOT brand written in front of the package with the polkadot logo directly on the letter “a“. To crown it up, it has a circled “R” at the top right of the package.   POLKA DOT MAGIC BELGIAN CHOCOLATE REVIEW | POLKA DOT SHROOM BAR REVIEW | POLKADOT COMPANY CHOCOLATE The reviews on these polka dot mushroom bars are usually mind-blowing. We have had customers reports on the impact these polka dot magic chocolate bars have on their lives. These impacts are both physical and spiritually. Some customers says after consuming this polkadot chocolate, there was a sudden increase […] read more
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