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批发圆角圆角立铣刀 Spotlight Exhibits Factory Product Description 55HRC 4 Flutes Cemented Carbide Corner Raduius End Mill with Coating SPECIFICATION R d1 L1 D L D4*12*D4*50LR0.1-R0.5/R14mm12mm4mm50mm D4*16*D4*75LR0.1-R0.5/R14mm16mm4mm75mm D4*20*D4*100LR0.1-R0.5/R14mm20mm4mm100mm D5*15*D5*50LR0.1-R0.5/R15mm15mm5mm50mm D5*20*D5*75LR0.1-R0.5/R15mm20mm5mm75mm D5*25*D5*100LR0.1-R0.5/R15mm25mm5mm100mm D6*18*D6*50LR0.1-R0.5/R16mm18mm6mm50mm D6*24*D6*75LR0.1-R0.5/R16mm24mm6mm75mm D6*30*D6*100LR0.1-R0.5/R16mm30mm6mm100mm D8*24*D8*60LR0.1-R0.5/R18mm24mm8mm60mm D8*30*D8*75LR0.1-R0.5/R18mm30mm8mm75mm D8*35*D8*100LR0.1-R0.5/R18mm35mm8mm100mm D10*30*D10*75LR0.1-R0.5/R110mm30mm10mm75mm D10*45*D10*100LR0.1-R0.5/R110mm45mm10mm100mm D12*35*D12*75LR0.1-R0.5/R112mm35mm12mm75mm D12*45*D12*100LR0.1-R0.5/R112mm45mm12mm100mm Tolerances Flute DiameterFlute Diameter ToleranceShank Diameter Tolerance 桅1.0-桅2.90锝?0.02H6 桅3-桅6-0.01锝?0.03 桅6-桅10-0.01锝?0.035 桅10.0-桅18.0-0.01锝?0.04 桅18.0-桅20.0-0.015锝?0.045 Application Carbon Steel Alloy SteelPre-harden steelHigh-hardenedStainless SteelCopper AlloyAluminum Alloy 45HRC50HRC55HRC60HRC65HRC 鈼?/strong>鈼?/strong>鈭?/p>鈭?/p> 鈼?/strong>鈼?/strong>鈼?/strong> Recommended Parameters MaterialCarbon Steel, Alloy Steel, S45C, FC, FCD, SCM, S50C, SKS…Alloy Steel, Tool Steel SCR, SNCM, SKD11, SKD61.NAK80Hard Steel, SKD11 HardnessHRC30HRC50HRC60 DiameterCutting speed(VC) (mm-1)Feed(F) (mm-min)Cutting speed(VC) (mm-1)Feed(F) (mm-min)Cutting speed(VC) (mm-1)Feed(F) (mm-min) 1mm22000400180002009000140 1.5mm12000500110002805200150 2mm10000550100002804600170 3mm900060055003103500220 4mm600075050004002200220 5mm480080040004001700240 6mm450082038004201600300 8mm350082028004201000300 10mm30008201800420900300 12mm20008201600350800300 16mm15006501000300500150 20mm1200650900300400150 Raw Material List GradeISO CodeChemical Compositions锛?锛?/p>Grain Size(um)Physial Mechanical Properites(鈮?Coating WcCoDensity(g/cm3)Hardness (HRA)T.R.S(N/mm2) YG10X(50HRC)K30-K4089100.814.4391.52500TISIN UF12U(55HRC)K4087120.614.1592.33900TISIN AF501(60HRC)K05-K1089100.414.192.83600NANO BLACK AF308(65HRC)K05-K109180.31493.83800NANO (BLUE) Detailed Photos 4 Flutes Corner Radius milling cutter4 Flutes Corner Radius Carbide cutter4 Flutes Corner Radius Carbide milling cutter Our Advantages 1. After get your enquriy, we will reply in 12 hours 2. Pls feel free to call me anytime 3. Sample order is welcome 4. Welcome to visit our factory, we will pick u up 5. Pls feel free to ask us price list Packaging FAQ Q1: Company or factory: A1: We are carbide tools professional factory more than 10 years. the best tungsten carbide tools manufacture are in China. Q2: Whats your MOQ? A2: We welcome your sample order to test our quality, we believe that u will find that we are the right supplier u are looking for. so no MOQ. Q3: Can i get your catalogue? A3: Yes, sure. we can send to u by email. Q4: How long can i get the order A4: Sample order 1-5 days. large order need to check, usually 15-25 days. Q5: Can u make the goods accroding our drawings? A5: Yes, it is ok, we have the professional molding department.wholesale Corner Radius End Mill website:http://www.best-gr8.net/corner-radius-end-mill/


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