Wholesale Actuator

Wholesale Actuator Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator was designed with balance, high strength, high efficient stroke, multi-function modules features, compact appearance, widely applied in oil and marine fields. It incorporates over three stages of internal and external coatings to resist severe weather, chemical and petroleum environments. The inner surface of the cylinder is coated by PTFE, enhanced corrosion resistance and self-lubricating. Bi-directional travel stops integral to the actuator, the stops allow 80掳to 100掳total travel adjustment. Maximum working pressure: 8 bar. Two independent stroke adjustment bolts can adjust the valve switch position within 卤6掳. Working temperature: Low temperature type: -40鈩儈80鈩?br/> Standard type: -20鈩儈80鈩?br/> High temperature type: -20鈩儈150鈩?/p> Complies with IP 65 and aboveWholesale Actuator website:http://www.fluid-valvestech.com/actuator/


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