Turn Followers into Customers with Linkme – Your New Link in Bio Tool

As a social media influencer or business owner, you know how important it is to engage with your followers and convert them into customers. However, with limited options for including links in your social media profiles, it can be challenging to promote your brand and drive traffic to your website. That’s where Linkme comes in – the new link in bio tool that helps you turn followers into customers.

Linkme is a free app that enables you to create a customizable profile with all the important links you want to share with your followers. This means that instead of just having one link in your bio, you can include multiple links to your website, online store, blog, and social media profiles.

Here are some ways that Linkme can help you turn followers into customers:

Customizable Profile: With Linkme, you can create a profile that reflects your brand and style. You can choose from a variety of templates or create your own design, add images and videos, and customize the colors and fonts.

Multiple Links: Unlike other link in bio tools, Linkme lets you include multiple links on your profile. This means that you can share links to your website, online store, blog, social media profiles, and other important pages.

QR Code Scanning: One of Linkme‘s most important features is its ability to scan QR codes. This means that you can create a QR code for your Linkme landing page and share it with your followers. When they scan the code using their smartphone camera, they will be directed to your profile, where they can access all your important links.

Easy Sharing: Linkme makes it easy to share your profile with your followers. You can share your link on all your social media profiles, in your email signature, on your business card, and even in your offline marketing materials.

Analytics: Linkme provides analytics that help you track the performance of your links. You can see how many clicks each link has received, which pages are most popular, and which social media platform is driving the most traffic.

Safe and Secure: Linkme is a safe and secure platform that protects your personal information and ensures that your links are always up-to-date. You can be confident that your followers will have a positive user experience when they click on your links.

Linkme and social media Influencing

Social media influencing is a rapidly growing industry that has changed the way brands market their products and services. Influencers use their social media platforms to promote brands, products, and services to their followers. However, the limited options for including links in social media profiles can make it challenging for influencers to promote their brand and drive traffic to their website.

Linkme can help influencers turn their followers into customers by providing them with a customizable profile that includes all the important links they want to share with their followers. Influencers can include links to their website, blog, online store, and social media profiles. This makes it easy for followers to access the information they need and increases the likelihood that they will become customers.

Linkme also provides influencers with analytics that help them track the performance of their links. They can see which links are getting the most clicks, which pages are most popular, and which social media platform is driving the most traffic. This information can help influencers refine their marketing strategies and increase their effectiveness.

Linkme and E-Commerce

E-commerce has become a vital part of the global economy, with more people shopping online than ever before. However, with so many e-commerce websites competing for customers, it can be challenging for businesses to stand out and drive traffic to their website.

In addition to Linkme features, it has been recognized by major publications such as USA Today, Khaleej Times, and Ok Magazine for its user-friendly design and ability to connect influencers with their audience.

According to The List Wire, “Linkme offers a solution for influencers or businesses to connect with their followers in a more interactive and personalized way.” With Linkme, you can engage your followers in a more meaningful way by providing them with easy access to all the important links they need to interact with your brand.

Khaleej Times reports that “Linkme has helped top influencers to connect with their audience.” By providing your followers with a Linkme profile, you can make it easier for them to follow you on all your social media channels, visit your website, and shop at your online store.

Ok Magazine highlights the ease of use of Linkme by stating that “the app is very user-friendly and makes navigating between all of your social media profiles a breeze.” With Linkme, you can create a seamless user experience that makes it easy for your followers to engage with your brand and become loyal customers.

Mashable also notes that “Linkme is making connecting with others safe, simple, and easy.” With its focus on safety and security, Linkme ensures that your followers can trust your links and feel confident engaging with your brand.

Flaunt Magazine writes that “Linkme has become the go-to app for social media influencers, celebrities, and businesses.” By using Linkme, you can join the ranks of top influencers and businesses who are leveraging this powerful tool to turn followers into customers.

According to Digital Journal, “Linkme makes juggling social media accounts easier

To get started with Linkme, simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, create your profile, and start sharing your link with your followers. With Link.me, you can turn followers into customers and grow your brand on social media.


In conclusion, if you are struggling to turn your followers into customers, Linkme can help. This free app enables you to create a customizable profile with multiple links, track your analytics, and share your link with ease. With Linkme, you can take your social media marketing to the next level and turn your followers into loyal customers.


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