The literal meaning of “Tiara” is something that wraps around the head. It symbolizes the authority and status of a person. In modern times, Tiaras are worn by ordinary people. The classical inspiration of a Tiara is essentially a garland of flowers for the bride, which later came to be made of silver or gold with precious stones.

A woman traditionally wears a tiara on her head during informal occasions. A Tiara is semi-circular in shape and covers half of the head. Men and women can wear a crown, but women generally wear a tiara. It is worn for marriages and beauty pageants.

A Tiara worn by a Queen shows aristocracy. There are different kinds of Tiaras based on the shape, and materials used. Bandeau, kokoshnik and circlet are some of the different types of Tiaras.

Egyptians are most probably the first to use Tiaras, to show royalty. The priests also used to wear Tiaras. Greeks and Romans have also started to wear Tiaras decorated with pearls and gems. Simple wreaths of leaves were also presented to winners in sports.

A metal wire, in silver or gold, is used to make a Tiara with a circle, semi-circle, half around etc. with various designs. The wire can be of various thicknesses. The metal wire undergoes a heating process called annealing to make it soft, flexible and binding.

A Tiara generally has two parts; the headband which is usually made in silver with precious stones. The second part is the top ornament raising from the band.

Tiaras are generally lightweight. Some of them made with artificial flowers are also used as decorative ornaments. Tiaras are part of bridal accessories. Christain brides in India wear Tiara at their weddings.

Traditionally Tiaras are worn only by married women. Taking inspiration from the traditions; jewellers have made different kinds of Tiara these days, including ones with Pearl, drops attached to the circle of emeralds, diamonds etc. A Tiara is undoubtedly a status – making ornament or status symbol.


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