The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock



The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock is recognized throughout the state of Texas as a top legal resource. Any Texan seeking authoritative personal injury, family law, probate, and estate administration services will find them here. What particularly distinguishes Joe Brad’s legal counsel, according to his clients, is twofold. First, he has a reputation for securing favorable outcomes for his clients. Second, but equally important, he strives to set people’s minds at ease about their legal difficulties. And he does that from the get-go.

The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock

The Scope of Joe Brad Brock’s Texas Legal Practice

When people in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and other parts of Texas need help with

Personal injury law

Auto Accidents

Product Liability

Slip, Trip & Fall Injuries

Workplace & Oilfield Accidents

Truck & Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Catastrophic Injuries & Wrongful Death

Motorcycle Accident

Personal Injury Attorney

Pedestrian Accident

Family law

Probate and estate administration

Those in the know seek out the South Texas Law Office of Joe Brad Brock.

Joe Brad has handled these specific spheres of legal practice for well over 20 years. In each case, for every client, he’s brought to the table considerable experience and – many would say – wisdom. He knows his way around both state and federal court proceedings, too.

Follow the links and explore this website to learn more about each of Joe Brad’s legal practice areas. Need more information? Or would you like to engage Joe Brad’s services immediately regarding an urgent legal matter? By all means, contact The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock today.


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