The Elements of a Landing Page for Getting Plumbing Leads



Whether you’re launching a new product, promoting an existing service, or running an ad campaign, landing pages are an invaluable marketing tool. They help you generate leads and increase your sales. They also allow you to track ad dollars and get more control over your traffic flow. But the most important of all, they can help you build an audience and improve your conversion rates.

Two Types of Landing Pages

In general, there are two types of landing pages: those optimized for lead generation and those designed to sell a product. These groups can differ in their audience, features, and overall design, but certain elements are common to all landing pages. These elements are the best way to determine which type of page suits your business.

The main reason for creating a landing page is to convert visitors. For plumbing companies, these visitors are often providing opportunity as the best way to get plumbing leads.

An excellent landing page to get plumbing leads should include an eye-catching graphic. Often, the design will be a combination of an image, color, and text. For example, the image could be a person looking at the CTA, and the text might be a graphical representation of the product. A video is also a good option, as it’s often used to illustrate a unique item or provide context for an unpopular product.

The Product

The integral feature of a landing page is the product. This might be an animated illustration or a short video. It should provide context to an unfamiliar item and help potential customers picture themselves using the product. It might also include a testimonial or demo. The testimonial is a great way to boost trust with prospective buyers. The most effective landing pages have all of these features above the fold.

CTA (Call to Action)

The CTA is usually the focal point of the landing page, but the best examples use more than just one. Depending on your needs, you can place multiple CTAs on the page or use a single call-to-action. If you’re launching a free offer, you can simplify your form by only requiring the email address. Similarly, if you’re running a promotion that requires users to sign up for a newsletter, you can include a link on your homepage.

The Value of Powerful Landing Pages

Here is an infographic from HomeGuru that provides helpful information about the essence of utilizing landing pages for plumbing businesses:





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