What is Meta verse? The metaverse is a new digital environment where individuals may interact, create, and have experiences that are similar to those in the real world. It is more than just a video game or virtual world. People can express themselves, exchange ideas, and develop new kinds of digital content in the metaverse. Additionally, it serves as a venue for networking and the transaction of commerce. It is anticipated that it will be constructed using a decentralised architecture, which means that it won’t be owned or managed by a single body. This enables a digital realm that is more transparent, open, and secure. Blockchain technology, which permits safe, open, and unchangeable transactions, will also support it. Although it is still in the early stages of development, a number of businesses and organisations are already engaged in building the metaverse’s infrastructure. Examples include the Metaverse Alliance, a nonprofit organisation working to encourage the development of the metaverse, and Facebook’s Horizon, which intends to establish a social metaverse. Spheres of Meta Verse Applications for the metaverse are anticipated to be numerous, ranging from gaming and entertainment to government services, healthcare, and even healthcare. For instance, in the gaming sector, the […] read more