Girls love to be pampered by their partners and if you are looking to make your girlfriend feel special or confess your love to someone, what better day to do it than on Valentine’s Day. But we also know that gifting can be confusing or overwhelming for some, especially when you are looking for something out of the box. We are here to help you with our specifically curated list of thoughtful and unique gifting ideas for this valentine’s which will definitely leave a big smile on her face. 1. Dedicate a poem There’s no greater gift than expressing your true feelings to your partner. Dedicate a custom-written poetry to her, putting all your feelings into beautiful words. Presented on a vintage sheet and artistic wooden box with, it is sure to touch her heart. 2. Jar of Memories Relive all the sweet moments spent together and treasure them in a unique lavish way with this unique gift. Create a jar of tiny Polaroid pictures with your names presented in an elegant Swedish glass jar.  3. Impressioned forever           True Love is everlasting. This valentine’s gift her an impression of your palms and frame it with love for eternity. Make her […] read more