Over the years tensile structure has become preferred construct techniques. It is not surprising considering the advantages of these structures. These structures are very popular in the west and now this technique has come to India. There are only few tensile structure manufacturers in market who really provide excellent services. So selecting a good service provider is crucial. What are tensile structures? These structures are mainly built using stretchable material. Basically a skeleton is made according to the selected design using steel and aluminum poles. Then the stretchable cloth or fabric is mounted over the whole formation.  Where these structures can be used? Generally these structures are used to cover an area that is in use or just for ethnic purposes. The places these formations can be used are: ·         Car parking area ·         Walkways ·         Covering swimming pools ·         Auditoriums ·         Stadiums ·         Airports ·         Restaurants and bars What are the benefits of these structures? Apart from the ethnic beauty these structure provides to the whole setup, these formations are extremely durable and a cost effective solution for covering vacant and a large area. Just imagine the cost of covering your swimming pool. These structures are one of the […] read more