Waste management is an increasingly important issue in today’s world, as the amount of waste we generate grows at an unprecedented rate. Fortunately, Bolton skip-hire companies are dedicated to helping reduce waste and keep the environment clean.  In this article, we will explore the role skip-hire companies, such as Evergreen Skip Hire, play in reducing waste and keeping our communities clean. What is Skip Hire? Skip hire is a service offered by waste management companies that allow individuals and businesses to safely and efficiently dispose of their waste. When you hire a skip, a container is delivered to your location, and you fill it with your waste. The skip is picked up and taken to a waste management facility for processing. Why is Skip Hire Important for Waste Reduction? Skip hire plays an important role in reducing waste because it allows individuals and businesses to easily and safely dispose of their waste without having to worry about finding a suitable location or disposing it in an environmentally friendly manner.  This helps reduce the amount of waste left on the streets or in the environment, which can harm wildlife and the local ecosystem. Additionally, skip-hire companies typically sort through the waste […] read more