Sales team management is the process of organizing and controlling the activities of a sales team to achieve specific objectives. Some of these  sales management activities are hiring and training new professionals, setting goals, providing support, and keeping the team motivated.   The manager of a sales team is responsible for ensuring that the above tasks are performed as smoothly and efficiently as possible. And, also responsible for coaching and motivating the individual team members to achieve their targets.   However, to be effective, managers must have a good understanding of both the sales process and human (reps and customers) behavior.     6 Sales Team Management Tips   Here are six tips that they can implement to maximum results from their sales team management efforts:   1. Set Clear Goals The first step in managing a sales team effectively is to set clear goals. The goals should be based on the S.M.A.R.TModel.   This means that your goal should be:   S — Specific: Specific and clearly defined.   M — Measurable: Something that can be measured so that you can track the team’s progress.   A — Achievable: Realistic and achievable.   R — Relevant: Relevant to the […] read more