WOUNDS: MANUKA HONEY BENEFITS FOR WOUNDS AND ULCERS While the natural healing properties of regular honey have been appreciated across the globe, the antibacterial levels present in high MGO honey make the medicinal health benefits of Manuka honey far more potent. Manuka Honey is fast acquiring a formidable reputation as a remedy for the treatment of wounds, abrasions, cuts, and scars. The MGO in this medicinal honey plays the role of healer-warrior fighting against germs and limiting their presence on the wound surface or in facial cold sores. Manuka Honey Benefits for Wounds Some doctors have begun using it in clinical settings as it has proved to be effective in treating simple and painful wounds in controlled tests. Bandages soaked in raw and highly potent manuka are applied on wounds, in particular wounds and cuts that result from infections and injuries. The U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved these infused bandages for prescription and over-the-counter sales. The powerful antimicrobial compounds – methylglyoxal and hydrogen peroxide – work on the wound in a dual treatment mode. It disinfects the wounds and draws away moisture. In doing so, it prevents existing bacteria from thriving and new bacteria from reinfecting your cut […] read more