Since the beginning of its mass adoption, the VoIP sector has provided several businesses with creative and affordable communication options. Over the years, several incredible and ground-breaking ideas have revolutionized businesses while multiple concepts have phased out due to the shifting trends. The IVR system, however, is one solution that has consistently been in demand. We’ll go into more detail about the IVR phone system and how crucial it is in a VoIP communication solution.   What is IVR? It is a really crucial solution and frequently functions as a key component of many VoIP solutions. Interactive Voice Response is known as IVR. With the help of the custom IVR software development services provided by VoIP companies, any business can obtain it. Once the IVR solution development process is complete, it can be integrated into the business’s telecom system, which may use VoIP or a PSTN-based telecom system. The IVR will function as an auto attendant once it has been integrated.   How IVR works? The IVR system will answer incoming calls for your business or organization automatically. A predetermined welcome message will play as soon as the phone is answered, followed by another voice prompt that will contain a menu. The […] read more