Recovering from stroke and paralysis is a long and challenging process. A stroke survivor should undergo rehabilitation techniques such as physical therapy or (physiotherapy for stroke paralysis), speech, and occupational therapy. Besides these, music therapies can be a powerful addition that can significantly improve motor functions, language recovery, cognitive functions, and other psychological hardships. Music therapy uses music, rhythm, and beat to retrain the brain. The process involves listening to musical tunes, singing, and playing musical instruments. This is great for stroke survivors because of neuroplasticity, the process of rewiring the brain, and is the central aspect of recovery. Music can create a stimulating environment that positively affects the different parts of the brain at once. Music therapy has various benefits to a stroke survivor, especially when it is incorporated into another rehabilitation regimen such as speech, physical and occupational therapies. See the list below. 1. Helps improve motor skills. This is the body’s ability to manage its limbs’ use in performing specific tasks.  Music therapy can be useful in improving motor skills such as sitting, standing, and walking. That is because of the strong connection between movement and music. When music is used during gait training, survivors can improve their walking ability. […] read more