How to start your own garage business? A) Set up the business :To set up your own auto repair business with a complete garage management system in place, the first step to be taken is to decide on the structure of your business. There are quite a few options to choose from but the following 3 are the most popular ones. Sole Proprietor: If you aim to start small and have full control over all the decisions of your business, then a Sole Proprietorship is the best option for you. Limited Liability Corporation: Establishing an LLC creates a corporate veil and separates your personal assets from those of your business, thus creating security both ways. Yes, a Limited Liability Corporation takes a little more maintenance like annual fee, registration cost etc but if you are aiming to launch slightly bigger then this is the best option for you. Partnership: If you have people you want to include in your business from the get-go, if you wish to give your business the expertise of more than just one person and if you feel that you believe in a team, then a partnership is a great option. S Corporation: Also known as […] read more