Introduction Organic traffic is the most affordable in our website ranking instead of paid campaigns. Organic traffic helps the website’s ranking grow at no cost. Because of this, we require some innovative and effective strategies. The BestDigital Marketing Training Institute in Pune teaches you all things that are required for organic traffic. Here are the Important SEO Techniques 1. Analyze the Keyword Gap of the Competition Find keywords that your competitors are ranking for, but that you are not in the process of conducting a keyword gap analysis. Each opening gives you the possibility to attract more traffic. Using our Keyword Gap tool is an easy way to get started. Put your domain in the “Root domain” field, followed by the domains of your main rivals. then select “Compare”. Select “Missing” from the table drop-down menu. These are all the terms that all your rivals are classified under, but not you. You now have a list of keywords that you can use to build content and close any gaps. 2. With Digital PR, Get Authoritative Backlinks. One of the key ranking factors that Google takes into account is backlinks. There are many methods for constructing links, but most are challenging […] read more