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Setup Continues Deployment to Google Cloud Run using Cloud Build

  Share       In this blog you can learn building a docker image and uploading it to Google Container Registry, deploying a container on Cloud Run from Google Container Registry, and creating a Continues Deployment Pipeline using Build Docker Image and Push it to Google Container Registry Enabling Container Registry API  Login to your GCP web console select the project, search for Google Container Registry API and enable it. Build Docker Image Please install and initialize gcloud cli before following below process, refer to Installing Google Cloud Cli in this blog and set the project that you want to work on using below given command. List all your projects using command gcloud projects list which will return all the projects with project Id, project name and project number. Set the project using the following command gcloud config set project rock-partition-363003 “rock-partition-363003” is my project ID please use your project ID here.   On your terminal go the file path where your Docker file is stored, and use the below command to build your docker Image, if you are new to docker please refer to Step-2 of this blog to learn writing a docker file and this blog to learn top-20 docker commands docker build -t . docker build -t<project-ID>/Image-name:tag above […] read more
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How to set up Apache Airflow Environment on AWS

  Share       Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA) is a managed service by AWS which makes it simpler to set up and run end-to-end data pipelines in the cloud at scale. An open-source application called Apache Airflow is used to programmatically author, schedule, and keep track of “workflows,” which are collections of processes and tasks. Using Python and Airflow, you can build processes using Amazon MWAA without having to worry about scalability, availability, or security of the underlying infrastructure. To assist you to get quick access to your data while maintaining security, Amazon MWAA integrates with AWS security services and extends its workflow execution capacity automatically to meet your demands. In this blog, we will see how to set up an Amazon MWAA environment. Step1: Create an S3 bucket  We require an Amazon S3 bucket to store Apache Airflow Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs), custom plugins, and Python dependencies. Before creating a bucket make sure that it is in the same region, in which you will set up MWAA. Go to the S3 console and click Create bucket. Select a unique name for your bucket with ‘airflow-‘ prefix. Block all public access and enable versioning. Click Create bucket. Now go to your bucket and create a […] read more
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How can remote engineers manage full-stack development tasks

  It is essential that customers and service suppliers communicate frequently. The customer must provide regular feedback, which the employee must consider, analyse, correct, and act upon. A proficient full-stack coder should be able to create a project on a budget. They must additionally possess enough expertise. IT specialists in interface and backend web development, as well as backend development for database connectivity, make up full stack web developers. They can swiftly implement modern technologies depending on the needs of the project. It’s not simple, though, to find a remote full-stack engineer. A perfect full-stack developer should be capable of creating a website or app from the minimal viable product stage. Different businesses demand varying strategies and abilities from their web developers. On the basis of these, they carry out their hiring procedure. Let’s examine some effective strategies for finding a remote full-stack engineer. A Full Stack Developer: What Is It? Consider that you have a favoured programme that you use frequently. There is a portion of it termed the front end that you can see and engage with. Then there’s the back end, which is another aspect of the app you don’t see and comprises of all the operations […] read more
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What is the difference between offshore and nearshore and onshore

The processes we use to find new software workers for our businesses have evolved significantly over time. Since outsourcing digital transformation has proven itself as an acceptable option for managing tasks other than back-office responsibilities, more businesses are implementing this purportedly affordable and effective strategy for reaching maximum productivity. Working with a nearshore software development team is normal for businesses, and the same is true for companies that support IT infrastructure. If you plan to engage in your own onshore, offshore, or nearshore outsourcing for the purpose of digital transformation, it may be crucial for you to be knowledgeable about the three distinct outsourcing models. The software development model that truly maximizes the output of your business is then yours to choose. There are additional distinctions between nearshore and offshore hiring. In general, outsourcing your digital transformation is unquestionably beneficial for everyone, but there are particular variations of this strategy that are more effective for some businesses than others based on a number of factors.  This article’s primary focus will be on the differences between offshore outsourcing, nearshore outsourcing, and onshore outsourcing. What Is Outsourcing? When you hire remote developers for your software tasks overseas, this practice is referred to […] read more
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What is software developer augmentation?

One of the most significant changes in business today is the enormous increase in the use of contingent employees by companies all over the world. The practice is not particularly new; it essentially began when workers were temporarily taken from other companies to cover roles due to absences and illness. The most popular type of contingent work today is staff augmentation. Utilizing IT staff augmentation, businesses can reduce the time and upfront costs associated with hiring offshore software developers. You must first comprehend this model completely in order to make the most of it for your company’s onboarding strategy plan. This includes knowing what it is when to use it, and how to go about doing it. In this article, we dispel common misconceptions about staff augmentation services and go over how they might impact the technological and operational procedures at your firm. What is staff augmentation? When businesses use an outsourcing strategy to handle their technical requirements and expand their staff as a result, this is referred to as IT staff augmentation. Startup companies seeking outside aid to accomplish significant IT projects frequently factor in the two primary delivery models: staff augmentation and software project outsourcing. Staff augmentation is […] read more
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