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How to Pick the Best Book Publicist for You

    Each author and book are unique, and it’s the same with book marketing professionals. Therefore, you weigh various factors carefully as you select a publicist. Self-published authors take on the responsibility directly, unlike traditionally published writers supported by an in-house PR team. Almost all books need skillful and active promotion to become successful, most notably around the time they are launched. A good author-publicist working relationship is essential and makes the experience more enjoyable. It’s advisable to make sure you find the right chemistry and personality. There are some well-known one-person operations, meaning lone publicists representing books and their authors. Some authors like the idea of a single person to deal with and no one else involved. Assuming the publicist is always available, it can work out. But if the person has other responsibilities or becomes ill before or during your campaign, there will be an impact. When you work with an agency, a team of people is available to cover for each other. It means your campaign continues uninterrupted even if the lead person becomes unavailable. It’s definitely something to keep in mind. Experience level also matters for obvious reasons. You don’t want your book launch to […] read more
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Why Your Book Needs a Marketing Plan

    If you’re a first-time author researching how to market a book, you’ll soon read about the importance of having a marketing plan to guide your campaign. Reaching target readers takes finesse and isn’t something that’s easily achieved is a random approach. Instead, it requires focusing on media and online opportunities related to your book. The need to plan affects fiction and nonfiction authors equally and includes identifying target media, developing key messages, crafting pitches, and deciding the optimal time to make them. Nearly always, you’ll want to be promoting your book as it is launched. Book marketing plans don’t need to be overly long, but they do need to include all the vital elements. Knowing your audience is something you’ll need to develop a marketing plan and consider as you write your book – who will find it entertaining, interesting, or helpful? Writing the content to appeal to your audience’s interests will guide your marketing campaign to reach those readers. Many books today have several target audiences, and each may require specific media outreach. When all work together, you’ll have a larger potential audience of book buyers and better chances for success. Publicity strategies align with target audience […] read more
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The Best Ways to Promote Business Books

Successful book publicity campaigns for business titles have many things in common with marketing programs for other genres, but there are also some differences. Because business leaders write books for many reasons, including self-promotion, the nuances of their publicity campaigns are specific. Many begin with their professional networks, some of whom may advise about the book topic and how to approach the subject. It continues after publication and as the book PR campaign gets underway. Business authors can engage their professional networks with news of their book’s publication. While writing and then after publishing a book, business authors are well advised to stay active online. The most obvious places are business-oriented social media sites, which include speaking platforms, industry conferences, and trade shows, if applicable. Blogging is a wise investment of time; don’t forget to guest post on other people’s blogs if the audience is right for your book. Podcasts are another excellent opportunity. They’re low-cost and bring surprisingly effective results for many people. Following classic marketing theory, you want to reach target readers and the media in various ways. Like all nonfiction books, your business title will likely be easily regarded as newsworthy by the media. It helps spark coverage that […] read more
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Meet the Media and Promote Your Book

Everyone promoting anything understands the value of media coverage and building relationships with producers and editors. As a result, most authors enjoy a significant spill-over benefit from their book publicity campaigns. The book launch opens doors with the media that otherwise might not be possible, so the goal is to make them lasting. Once you’ve been interviewed or quoted, if you’re well received, you can look forward to future calls. Then you’re on your way to becoming a trusted source on your topic of expertise. We all can think of people who frequently appear in the media and how it benefits them. PR people and book publicists advise authors to make themselves available easily. You’ll be seen as a valuable source if you answer your cell phone and return emails quickly. Journalists are constantly working on deadlines, and waiting is often not an option. You may have less success if you allow calls to go to voicemail or have an assistant return your emails. Answering at off hours like evens or weekends earns you even more favor. When reporters are under the gun to find expert commentary, and you provide it, they will keep you in mind more often. Over time, you’ll […] read more
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