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The Future of Accounting in the UAE

What is Accounting Trends? Accounting trends in the UAE denote the developments in the principles, practices, and regulations of accounting in the country. These may involve adopting International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or introducing the Value Added Tax (VAT) system in 2018.  Top 5 Accounting Trends to Follow in 2023 Cloud-based accounting solutions have become increasingly popular in the UAE as businesses look for ways to reduce overhead costs and streamline operations. These solutions allow businesses to access their financial data from any location in real time, providing enhanced security and cost savings. Furthermore, offshore staffing and remote work setups are becoming more common as companies outsource accounting services for cost savings and access to a wider pool of talent. At the same time, many businesses are employing the use of accounting software to digitize their operations and save time and money. Big Data and data analytics are also being used to uncover insights, trends, and opportunities for improvement and cost savings.   Maxims Auditors & Consultants offers a broad range of services, including investment and incorporation, assurance, financial and business advisory etc. Please contact us if you would like more information about the other services we provide. Also Read: […] read more
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Accounting Trends in the UAE to Watch in 2023

Overview Changes in accounting practises, principles, and laws are possible in the UAE. These could include the installation of the Value Added Tax (VAT) system and the adoption of IFRS. Accounting professionals need to be aware of new developments like cloud-based accounting software, automated bookkeeping, and the use of artificial intelligence in audit and assurance in order to stay current and competitive. Visit our website at to learn more about the Latest accounting trends in the UAE to watch in 2023. read more
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Why One Should Choose Data Science as Their Career

This decade has seen an explosion in data science. Since every firm in the modern day depends on data, data science has an impact on almost every industry. The most lucrative employment of the twenty-first century is said to be data science. But why is data science causing such a stir in the marketplace? Why do data scientists earn such high salaries? What business needs data science, exactly? Let’s investigate. Data Science: What is it? Every single business requires data and collects them, but practical usage of that data makes the business successful. The process of transforming ambiguous data into insightful understandings that may be used for various crucial organizational decisions is known as data science. Simply described, data science is the process of learning from data using scientific methods, techniques, algorithms, and systems and then applying that learning to make decisions and evaluate risks, target audiences, and even identify market gaps and opportunities. Numerous methods, including time series analysis, are also applied to identify market patterns. Here are the Reasons why you should Place data science as your career option in the first Place. Sky-high Salaries Data scientists are well compensated. Yet why? It’s easy! Because there is a […] read more
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Google uses Big Data to Know you: How is it

Google is the clear leader in the field of big data. In the big data ecosystem, they have created a number of open-source tools and methods that are widely utilized. Google can now quickly and accurately find the information you need by scanning through millions of websites using various big data technologies and methodologies. We immediately wonder how Google is able to carry out such complicated tasks so well. Big data analytics is the solution. Google analyzes our needs using Big Data tools and approaches based on various factors, including search history, locations, trends, and so on. Google then provides the sorted or ranked search results in relevancy and authority according to the user’s demand after passing it via an algorithm that performs intricate calculations. Google has long aimed to create a search engine that can comprehend each search query’s terms, reasoning, and objective. Google’s ability to explore beyond the literal meaning of every term in a search query has been made possible via semantics. This has led us to wonder how exactly data science and big data help in this process. To get a detailed explanation, you can refer to the advanced data science course in Bangalore.  Google has […] read more
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