We can group the B Pharma colleges in UP into Government and Private B Pharma colleges in UP. Pharmaceutical Science is gaining popularity because new viruses are afflicting mankind, requiring potent drugs to cure them. It’s the pharmacist who devises drugs that safeguard us against viruses because they learn formulation & drug discovery in their 4 year B Pharma course.  The career prospects of the B.Pharma course will increase further because, with overexploitation, man is encountering new viruses requiring potent drugs to neutralize them. The Corona virus remerging in new variants is a testimony that consistent R & D in the pharmaceuticals sector is vital for survival. This his prompted pharmaceutical companies to invest in R & D because the success of Bharat Biotech has revolutionized the drug discovery in India. Just imagine our fate had we not developed our indigenous vaccine Cowaxin, which saved many lives from Corona. Without vaccination, lakhs would have perished because India is a hugely populous country. The 2nd wave highlighted our vulnerabilities as the healthcare system collapsed from the load of incoming patients. The current situation in China highlights that nations without a proper vaccination system are vulnerable to renewed waves of the Corona […] read more