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Introduction to Machine Learning

In 1959, Arthur Samuel, an American pioneer in the field of computer gaming and artificial intelligence popularised the term “Machine Learning” and stated that “it gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed”. So what does Machine Learning really mean? Imagine that you are trying to toss a paper in a dustbin. In the first attempt, you might overshoot your aim because of too much force. In the second attempt, you might reduce the force but miss the correct angle of your throw. In the third attempt, you might succeed in landing the paper in the bin. This is because our brain is learning something and making changes after each experience and thus improving the final result. If the same can be implemented in a machine, it is called machine learning. This can now be achieved by data analytics and artificial intelligence. Let’s understand how this happens. Machine learning can be described as a type of artificial intelligence that can identify and analyze data and “learn” to use this data for creating strategies to improve customer experience. This is a category of an algorithm that enables the computers to learn from data, predict outcomes and even improve themselves, […] read more
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How Artificial Intelligence Will Influence Workplace Dynamics

Your place of employment will appear entirely different in the next five to 10 years. As a result of technology like artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and robotics, work as we know it today will substantially change. The workplace of the future will provide both amazing prospects and a lot of organizational challenges. Both management and staff must be adaptable and productive. AI will improve your jobs, the Internet of Things will provide you with data and insights, and robots will take over many human jobs. Your workplace will be data fields and digitized in the upcoming 10 years. Information converted into a digital format is referred to as digitalization. Examples include turning an analogue video into YouTube videos, text into HTML, music into MP3 files, and images into JPEGs. Your available data will enormously expand if you do this. In order to transmit, manipulate, reuse, and analyze human thoughts, digitalization entails recording them in digital form. Impact of AI on HR structures AI programming has spread to organizations like Apple and Twitter, where it now handles all aspects of the customary hiring, onboarding, and training processes. In actuality, firms no longer review resumes; instead, Textio, an AI-powered programme, […] read more
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Incredible AI Trends That Are Going To Change Businesses [2023 Update]

The rate at which different businesses are implementing artificial intelligence is astounding. As a result, it is predicted that 2023 will only hasten this process. In order to reap the rewards of the IT industry early on, let’s look at a few of the artificial intelligence(AI) trends for 2023. 5 Incredible AI Trends Artificial intelligence has advanced dramatically, from automating daily tasks to developing tools to aid businesses in decision-making.  Let’s take a look at some upcoming new trends. Zero Or Low Code AI systems Organizations need data engineers to develop the algorithms for a given project. This issue can now be resolved by simply providing user-friendly interfaces that can be used to create complex systems. Since these systems will have little to no code, the project will depend less on them. Drag-and-drop modules make it easy to build projects and algorithms, which makes it simple to design apps. No-code/low-code AI systems can create intelligent applications by utilizing pre-built modules and incorporating pertinent data. The development of this technology does not indicate that AI systems will replace people in the workforce. It should be highlighted that the technology is utilized because the industry requires more qualified workers. However, experts in […] read more
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