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The Sai Dham Food Bank, Toronto was established in 2012 with the goal of feeding low-income seniors and those with physical disabilities who couldn’t access food banks. Our goal is to end hunger in our neighbourhoods and help our most vulnerable residents and older citizens.

The only food bankthat is open around-the-clock, every day of the week, is Sai Dham Food Bank, Toronto. Sai Dham’s community outreach projects have expanded to include a wide range of initiatives, including monthly food delivery, senior wellness, feeding the homeless, and delivering a healthy breakfast to children from low-income neighbourhoods.

No matter their ethnicity, creed, religion, gender, or place of residence, Sai Dham Food Bank is honored to welcome volunteers from all walks of life. Our volunteer base’s variety is our greatest strength.As of May 2022, 9200 volunteer hours had been accomplished, and 3 million pounds or more of food had been given to the elderly and undernourished people.

Sai Dham Food Bank’s Aim

A society in which nobody falls on hard times, there is no worry, and everyone is connected to each other and cares about one another’s well-being is what this food bank in the Toronto area strives to create. We have been working to end poverty and raise living standards for the elderly, the disabled, children, and families that are struggling to meet their fundamental needs.

The Sai Dham Food Bank believes in the strength of dedication; each member of the team is dedicated to our biggest objectives of assisting the elderly and disabled and eradicating hunger in our communities.People with incredible hearts and enormous enthusiasm for the purpose make up the Founders, Executive, Admin, and Advisory teams. They create the ideal teams and make the finest companions! The strength and soul of Sai Dham Food Bank comes from its more than 100 volunteers; without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

We appreciate your interest in working as a volunteer at the Sai Dham Food Bank, Toronto. We provide gratifying and demanding opportunities that significantly improve the lives of the people we serve. We are constantly seeking volunteers to help in a variety of front-line and support roles.


Searching for a volunteer opportunity with a fantastic organization? Volunteer at Sai Dham Food Bank, Toronto now!

Over 100 eager volunteers already support our goal, but we are always seeking for more.

Hundreds of pounds of food are processed, sorted, stored, managed, packed, repackaged, moved, and delivered every day. The handling of meals, delivery, and even backoffice tasks like data entry, bookkeeping, social media, marketing, and more, all have opportunities. Come join us and provide your time, effort, and skills to help change someone’s life!We have a great staff that works together to accomplish our purpose of helping the elderly and physically challenged residents of our community, and we train all of our volunteers.

Each contribution is appreciated! Giving just takes a brief amount of time, but the effects are enormous. Supporting and volunteering at Sai Dham Food Bank, Toronto is a great way to show your care for others and contribute to their ability to get food. Give now if you can and improve the lives of countless others. We are here because of the generosity of our contributors and volunteers.

When you volunteer at the Sai Dham Food Bank, Toronto, you will have the opportunity to deliver food to the homeless and see their grateful and happy faces while serving the elderly and engaging in conversation with them. You will also have the opportunity to help international students by distributing food hampers. Help pack and sort food in the warehouse. Additionally helpful are your ideas! We welcome fresh suggestions for improving services.

Volunteering Is Healthy

Volunteering may improve your self-worth, outlook on life, and self-confidence. Due to the fact that you are assisting others and the community, you naturally feel successful. As a result of your volunteer effort, you could feel proud of and connected to yourself.

Current Volunteer Positions Available are mentioned below:

  • Food sorting, storing and packaging
  • Food hamper delivery to seniors
  • Call Centre
  • General Cleaning Tasks
  • Special Events
  • Food Drive and Fund Raising
  • Homeless packaging and distribution
  • Children’s program packaging and distribution
  • Sai Dham Garden
  • Web Design & Advertising
  • Administrative Duties

Call us at 437-988-4422 or email at [email protected] to volunteer.

Or fill out the online Volunteer application Form and join our amazing team.



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