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Reducer Spiral Bevel Company Profile Established in 1968, Minchen Gear Co., Ltd. was the first gear company in Taiwan to specialize in manufacturing and designing high accuracy spiral bevel gears. Minchen quickly developed a reputation for mastering precision bevel gear technology. Minchen鈥檚 entire factory is equipped with Gleason and Klingelnberg machine, which include hypoid cutter sharpeners, cutter inspection machines, hypoid generators, hyoid testers, and hypoid lappers. These machines are constantly maintained and are able to carry out any cutting methods developed by either Gleason or Klingelnberg Machines. These machines include gear measuring, cutting machine and grinding machine. Minchen combines two technologies to meet customer requirements. As a professional gear manufacturer, we adhere to the spirit of continuous innovation and continuous improvement. Our Service Minchen Gear Co., Ltd. provides a wide range of products including Spiral Bevel Gears, Straight Bevel Gears, Helical Gears, Precise Forging Gears, Custom-made Gears and ODM Gears. We provide our customers with options between Modulus 1 and 15. Speed ratios up to 30:1. We can produce gears with maximum outer diameters of up to 600mm. Gear precision up to JIS 3 (AGMA 11, DIN 7, ISO 7) in finished product, and JIS 0 ( AGMA 14, DIN 4, ISO 4) after grinding processes. For over 50 years, Minchen鈥檚 high-quality precision gears have been exported to Japan, the United States, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, and Australia, etc. and also adopted in agricultural machines, automobiles, machine tools, watercrafts, ATVs, speed reducers, forklifts, hand tools, pneumatic tools, the military industry and more. Minchen gears are applied everywhere of worldwide. We fully exert high level spirit of Made in Taiwan, and present precision quality of public affirmation. Prospect Minchen prides itself on striving for superior innovation and is highly devoted to R&D. Our R&D Lab is staffed by professional with Ph.D degrees in gear manufacturing. We are also actively engaged in partnerships with domestic educational institutions for advanced research. Minchen has a fully-integrated supply chain, maintained in cooperation with subcontractors who specialize in a variety of professional fields. Minchen is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IAFT16949 certified. At Minchen, we constantly strive to design and produce the best gear designs, and even be the best gear manufacture of the world. Customer Commitment Three reasons to choose Minchen as your partner 鈼?Superior Technology Minchen keeps itself R&D in innovation, and high efficiency to meet high quality and durable gears. 鈼?Best Quality Minchen can manufacture various kinds of product, including custom-made gears, we owns complete inspections and equipment to satisfy customer requirement. 鈼?Service Priority Minchen not only specialize in design and manufacture, but also can provide total solution to customer. Thank you for your interest in Minchen鈥檚 products and services. We look forward to the opportunity of serving you.Reducer Spiral Bevel website: website2:


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