Reasons behind the Popularity of Bandipur National Park


As we all know India is a country with lots of adventurous places. People in India and even in other countries are very keen to know and explore the natural beauty and national parks. So Today, we are going to discuss one of the most amazing and little less explored national parks in India that is Bandipur National Park. It is located in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

History of Bandipur National Park:


It is a national park from the time of Maharajas. Quite historic, isn’t it? So, it was established by the Maharaja of the kingdom of Mysore. It was established in the year 1931. Earlier then it was popularly known as Venugopala Wildlife Park. Earlier the sanctuary was created in an area of 90 Km². Later in the year 1973, the area was extended to 800 Km² and the name was replaced by Bandipur National Park.


Why it is a Good Idea to Visit Bandipur National Park?


  1. Variety of Flora and Fauna: Bandipur National Park is a must-visit destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Various kinds of flora and fauna feel like home in Bandipur National Park. These faunas include tigers, stripe-necked mongooses, Asian elephants, Red giant flying squirrels, the chital, sambar deer, Bengali tiger, etc. Flora includes a variety of bamboo, Indian gooseberry, teak, rosewood, sandalwood, and various other plants that are great even medically.


  1. Beautiful Birds watching: The Park also boosts its energy and beauty with the presence of different kinds of birds which make it a complete package for wildlife lovers.


  1. Peaceful Landscape: It is a paradise for people who are into the beauty of nature as it not only gives you the experience to watch various animals and plants and helps in knowing about them. But it also gives a picture-perfect landscape. These landscapes are full of rolling hills, forests, and beautiful streams.


  1. Nearby Tourist Places: Bandipur National Park is surrounded by many beautiful tourist places that can help you in exploring the history of Mysore, you can also experience the mesmerizing beauty of the hill station in Ooty, HimavadGopalaswamyBetta, Bandipur Tiger Reserve, and many other.

Activities That Can be done in Bandipur National Park:


This park offers different types of activities for people with different interests. So it is about experiencing different life experiences along with the hold of beauty in your eyes. So let’s just talk about the activities that you can enjoy in Bandipur National Park.


  1. Safaris: It is one of the most popular activities that is preferred by visitors. The forest department arranges two types of safari Bus Safari and Jeep Safari. The safaris are arranged twice a day. Safari is arranged for a time period of 45 minutes. You can book the time slot according to your need.


Moreover, you don’t have to worry a lot about booking and the mess that comes along with booking because we work hard in providing you with an easy and convenient way to book the tickets within a minute. So, book your tickets without any hassles.


  1. Explore Flora and Fauna: As discussed above you can even explore over 200 varieties of birds, and it is a breath-catching moment for people who are into wildlife photography as you are going to watch some of the rarest animals, birds, and plants when you are visiting Bandipur National Park. ‘


So these are the things that can be done when you are visiting Bandipur National Park. And there are several activities for people who are into adventurous activities such as trekking, zip-lining, rock climbing, and camping. Hope you find this blog relevant and helpful at the same time. Have a happy journey.










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