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Pearlzyme Inc. is a proteolytic enzyme livestock feed additives manufacturer that enhances feed efficiency, provides a range of health benefits, and increases survival rate.


They strive to improve animal health and human well-being by providing natural feed additives that consider an animal’s well-being and use natural solutions to reduce the use of antibiotics while also increasing immunity to infection. To accomplish this, Pearlzyme Inc. has developed high-performance non-medicated bio-solutions for animals such as milk cows, cattle, pigs, chickens, fish, and others using animal-focused formulas based on Pearlzyme Inc.’s extremozyme, PEARLZYME®.




Enzymes are becoming increasingly popular among livestock producers due to their ability to improve animal performance and reduce nutritional variation in raw materials. Protein digestibility can be improved by protease enzymes in particular.



Ø  Ensures stability and remains active from the manufacturing plant to the digestive tract.

Ø  Made from the natural wild-type microorganism Bacillus sp.

Ø  Bacillus including strains, whole fermented products can be consumed.

Ø  As natural substances, possess harmful anti-inflammatory factors. (Strong anti-inflammatory activity more than 95%)

Ø  Enzymes, microorganisms, various metabolites, organic acids, decomposed soy flour, contains various peptides and other factors.

Ø  The Probio + Zyme concept includes enzymes, beneficial microorganisms, nutritional factors, etc.


Product Profile

Ø  Key Ingredient: Haloalkalophilic serine protease

Ø  Application : Feed additives

Ø  Target : Monogastric livestock

Ø  Appearance : Light brown powder

Ø  Unit : 10,000 U/g

Ø  Recommended Dosage : 1kg/1ton of feed (0.1%)

Ø  Packing : 20Kg per plastic woven bag

Ø  Shelf Life : 24months


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