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Pearlzyme Inc. is a professional manufacturer of protease enzyme animal feed additive products.

It helps the animals gain significant weight with reduced feed cost and time.


Pearlzyme Inc. works to improve animal health and human well-being by providing natural feed additives that consider an animal’s well-being and use natural solutions to reduce antibiotic use while also increasing immunity to infection. Pearlzyme Inc. accomplishes this by developing high-performance non-medicated bio-solutions for animals such as milk cows, cattle, pigs, chickens, fish, and others, based on animal-focused formulas based on Pearlzyme Inc.‘s extremozyme, PEARLZYME®.


Protease Enzyme Livestock Products


Proteases are enzymes secreted by animals for a number of physiological processes, including the digestion of feed protein.


Including protease in your livestock’s diet has a number of advantages, including increased protein digestibility, improved protein utilization, decreased reliance on expensive protein sources, and decreased nitrogen excretion.



Ø  After by passing the stomach safely, the protease PEARZYME® activates in the gut in a very stable way at alkaline environment.

Ø  PEARLZYME® is not only natural and non-GMO oriented, but also shows anti-inflammatory activity and immuno enhancing effects that can dramatically enhance the survival rate of livestock.

Ø  Due to strong proteolytic activity, it enhances the crude protein (CP) to 2%~3 % lower than normal feed that contributes to saving feed cost.

Product Profile

Ø  Key Ingredient : Haloalkalophilic serine protease

Ø  Application : Feed additives

Ø  Target : Monogastric livestock

Ø  Appearance : Light brown powder

Ø  Unit : 10,000 U/g

Ø  Recommended Dosage : 1kg/1ton of feed (0.1%)

Ø  Packing : 20Kg per plastic woven bag

Ø  Shelf Life : 24months

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