Pearlzyme Inc. attended VIV ASIA from March 8th to 10th, 2023

Pearlzyme Inc. is a proteolytic enzyme livestock feedadditives manufacturer that improves feed efficiency, provides a variety of health benefits, and increases survival rate. 

Pearlzyme Inc. strives to improve animal health and human well-being by offering natural feed additives that consider the well-being of the animals and use natural solutions to reduce antibiotic usage while increasing immunity to infection. The animal-focused formulas used by PEARLZYME are based on extremozyme to create a high-performing and non-medicated bio-solutions for animals, such as diary cows, beef cattle, pigs, chickens, fish and others.

[ Pearlzyme Inc. in VIV ASIA, from March 8th to March 10th, 2023 ] 

Pearlzyme Inc. attended VIV ASIA from March 8th to 10th, 2023 and exhibited “Natural alkaline protease enzyme products derived from tidal flats”. 

VIV ASIA is an animal husbandry fair co-organized by VNU EUROPE and VNU ASIA PACIFIC.

It was attended by nearly 48,000 buyers from 112 countries. 

Pearlzyme Inc. showcased its alkaline protease enzyme product “PEARLZYME®” at the exhibition. 

“PEARLZYME®” is a powerful protease produced by microbes (bacillus sp.) inhabiting in the harsh and extreme environments of mudflats in the West Coast, Korean Peninsula. 

The extremophile-derived “PEARLZYME®” represents its strong proteolytic ability under high temperature, a wide range of pH, and high concentration of salt as well as anti-inflammatory and autoimmune effects. 

Pearlzyme Inc.‘s products attracted a large number of buyers, including small and medium-sized enterprises from Southwest and Southeast Asia, as well as leading conglomerates.

Various companies have responded favorably to “PEARLZYME®”. 

Under the flag of “Happy Animal, Healthy Life” from 2023, Pearlzyme Inc. continues its broad voyage toward the vast global feed additives market. 

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