No 1 Harley Davidson Dealer In Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Rocky Top Harley-Davidson

Celebrating a Decade of Memories Rocky Top Harley-Davidson, a beloved motorcycle dealership located in Tennessee, is proud to announce its 10-year anniversary. Over the past decade, Rocky Top has become a staple in the local community, offering a wide range of Harley-Davidson bikes, parts, and accessories to riders of all levels.

Since opening its doors in 2013, Rocky Tophas welcomed thousands of customers through its doors, building lasting relationships and creating unforgettable memories. The dealership has hosted numerous events and rides, including charity rides to benefit local organizations, barbecues, and more. These events have brought riders together, fostering a strong sense of community and camaraderie among those who share a passion for the open road.


In honor of its 10-year anniversary, Rocky Top Harley-Davidson is hosting a special celebration, complete with food, drinks, live music, and a motorcycle show. The dealership is inviting riders of all brands to come out and join in the festivities, making new friends and reminiscing with old ones. The dealership is also offering special discounts on select merchandise and services, making it the perfect time for riders to upgrade their gear or treat their bikes to a little TLC.

As Rocky Top Harley-Davidson looks back on its first decade in business, it’s proud to have served the local community and to have played a role in so many riders’ lives. The dealership would like to thank its loyal customers for their support over the years and looks forward to continuing to serve the riding community for many years to come.

So, gear up, rev your engines, and head to Rocky Top Harley-Davidson to join in the celebration of a decade of memories. Happy anniversary, Rocky Top!


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