Latest Trends in Real Estate Marketing

Worry not; we have you covered! Here is the list of the latest trends in real estate marketing that can give your property business wings. So let’s get started:

1. Create Reels & short videos:

Nowadays, people do not have time to watch hour-long videos until or unless something extraordinary is up to their interest. Short videos and reels have taken over, and everyone indulges in them. Therefore, if you choose one method to invest your resources into, let it be short video content for real estate marketing.

The best way to draw the audience’s attention is by making short property presentations. However, there are many other things that you can create, such as; highlights of the location, tips for home buyers, tips for renovations, tips for homeowners, a guide for tenants, etc.

Video content is more important on platforms like Instagram. Likewise, reels are a popular mode of marketing on other social media platforms.

2. Send Newsletter:

A newsletter lets you stay in touch with clients and promote your real estate business as a competent expert to new subscribers. Ensure that the newsletter’s content is interesting and based on a variety of relevant niches. A newsletter should be sent monthly or weekly; if it only comprises listings, the customers will eventually lose interest.

Make an effective strategy and add different things in the letter, for instance, neighborhood tours, listings, recommendations of places to visit, shop or eat, reviews, interviews with community members, tips for renovations, etc.  

Planned content can establish a unique bond with the customers. You will stay in their mind as a friend, not merely a real estate agent. Therefore, your name will come into their mind whenever they think about a place to live.

3. Stand out on Social Media Platforms:

Social media has become a great platform for promoting and marketing your real estate business and getting organic and paid traffic. Instagram, for instance, has become the leading social media platform for generating organic leads.

According to the research, around 31% of people aged between 25 to 34 years use Instagram. These people might not look for a house on sale, but they might be looking for one on rent. Therefore, Instagram will become a great tool for promotion, and it will be one of the most effective trendy real estate marketing ideas in 2023.

4. Secure Referrals

Nothing is a more effective marketing tool than word-of-mouth in real estate and all other businesses. According to research by the National Association of Realtors, about 35 to 36 % of sellers found competitive real estate agents through referrals by their family and friends. Therefore, getting referrals is an evergreen marketing trend in the real estate industry.  

It is always a good approach to get recommendations from people you trust. An appraisal from someone is a great marketing tool. When you deliver satisfactory results, people keep you in mind and always share your reference with their family and friends when needed.

To stay on top of people’s minds, send them a newsletter and maintain your presence on social media platforms with videos and relevant and interesting posts. Moreover, do not hesitate to ask for a referral when the job is done well.

5. Pay attention to your site SEO:

A professional property website is a must to build your authenticity and establish the brand. An optimized real estate website helps connect with new people, generate organic traffic, and produce potential leads. People will trust you even more when they search for a property on your neat and smooth website with the latest properties, complete info, testimonials, blogs and articles.

However, no matter how much effort you put into your content and website, it is useless if it is stuck on the 8th page of search engines. So here is a big question what can you do to make it rank up? The answer is quite simple to invest in SEO and useful tips such as:

Use a lot of relevant keywords throughout your blog and website.

Check the website speed; the faster website is better. A site with a fancy design and slow speed does not attract much traffic.

Optimize your website for mobile devices, as Google prefers user-friendly sites to rank higher. Pay attention to off-page SEO.

6. Establish your network:

Join a community on social media that carries lots of benefits; Make sure it is a professional community so you can get engaged with relevant people. Join a community and stay active in it; it is a platform where you can discuss issues, get new ideas and tips, stay on edge about the latest changes and upgrades in the real estate industry and build relation with others. It is also a great way to get referrals from others.

There are several real estate groups on LinkedIn and Facebook that you can join. However, if you want to stand out and build unique status, starting your own community is a good idea. Facebook is the ideal platform for discussing and answering people’s queries. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is an ideal place to post your articles and knowledge.

Remember that creating a community is only one step toward marketing. The core is to stay in touch, keep posting and reply to queries at a prompt.

Let’s wrap up:

So that’s all for now! These latest trends in real estate marketing can help your business boost and make you one step closer to achieving success and fulfilling your agenda. Good Luck!

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