How An Estate Planning Attorney Can Help Younger Generations

A lot of people believe that estate planning attorneys can only guide older people as they need to worry about how to manage their estates in the future. But everyone can benefit if they have an estate plan in place. Even the younger generation that does not have any significant assets or dependents can make important decisions about their future with the help of an estate planning attorney Michigan. So, we have listed down a few ways in which an estate planning attorney can help the younger generation.

Establishing a power of attorney

Every young person should have power of attorney in their estate plan. It is a legal document that lets a trusted person make decisions on their behalf in case they become insufficient to make decisions for themselves. It is crucial for young people, especially those who do not have a spouse or children who can make decisions for them in any such adverse situation.

Drafting a will

A will is not only meant for those who have several assets. Even if you don’t have them, you can have the will to make sure that all your wishes are completed after your death. You can share information such as who will inherit your assets after you, and who will be a guardian for your minor children in your will. You can write all such wishes in the will with the help of an Ann Arbor elder law attorney to make sure that your loved ones are happy even when you are not around.

Planning for digital assets

Times have changed a lot and today, many young people have an online presence such as social media accounts, email accounts, and much more. So, you also need to take care of these assets in your estate plan. They should be managed properly even after you are gone. So, you can work with an estate planning attorney to create a plan for your digital assets such as who will get access to them once you are gone and how you want them to be managed in the future.

Apart from this, you can work with an estate planning attorney to get a plan for your long-term care.

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