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Canadians spend a lot of time staring at screens these days—and more and more are complaining about eye strain, headaches and neck pain. As a result, digital eye strain has become a widespread vision care problem.

But a group of Kelowna optometrists may have the answer.

Using what has been described as “revolutionary” technology, the team at NuVue Optometry is one of only two vision care specialists in B.C. to employ the Neurolens system, designed to create prescription lenses that help realign the eyes and correct issues related to a number of problems that can cause issues such as, eye strain, headaches, neck pain and a host of other issues.

“This really is a revolutionary technology,” says NuVue’s Dr. Brad Almond.

“(Optometrists) have not changed the technology on how to check eye alignment in 100 years—until now.”

According to Almond, while traditional eye alignments checks use observation and prism measurement, the Neurolens system, using advanced computer technology, checks thousands of micro-angles. And that allows for the creation of custom-made lenses with a contoured prism that helps align the eyes in a much more precise way.

The technology was developed in the U.S. five years ago with the assistance of neurology experts.

“We can now really scan for very small, micro misalignments,” says Almond.

If the eyes are misaligned, it can put pressure on the trigeminal nerve, the largest and most complex nerve connected to the brain and the one responsible for neck and head sensations. That strain can lead to headaches, tension, eye strain and neck pain.

Using the advanced computer technology—with patients tested as they look into a non-invasive measurement device—the alignment between the eyes can be measured to determine what it is, what it should be and how synchronized and aligned the eyes are. The test takes about two minutes.

“The technology allows us to find small-angle misalignments we could not find before,” says Almond, who says he saw the potential of the new technology right away and decided not to wait to bring it to the practice.

“We feel it’s the real deal,” he says.

While it is a full-service eye-care practice, NuVue Optometry specializes in the medical aspect of optometry and works closely with a number of local doctors and specialists. In addition to Almond, who has now stepped away from treating patients and works more on the business side of the practice, there is also his son Dr. Devin Almond.

Located in Spall Plaza in Kelowna for the last seven years, the practice places a premium on technology to help meet the needs of its patients. So when it saw the potential of the Neurolens system, it jumped at the opportunity to bring it to the Okanagan.

“We’re really excited by this (technology),” says Almond. “We feel we’ll find a lot of help for a lot of people.”

For more information about Neurolens, or for general optometry services, contact NuVue Optometry 112-1950 Harvey Avenue in Kelowna (Spall Plaza), call 778-484-1650 or email [email protected].

Dr. Devin Almond, BSc, OD
Nuvue Optometry
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