Electrical Insulation Plexiglass Sheet suppliers

Electrical Insulation Plexiglass Sheet suppliers Company Profile Zhejiang Haodesheng Insulation Material Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production, sales and finishing of insulating materials. It is an integrated production and processing enterprise with complete varieties, advanced equipment and many finishing equipment. It is mainly engaged in grade A epoxy board, grade B epoxy board, FR4 glass fiber board, SMC high voltage insulation board, grade A bakelite board, 3021 phenolic cardboard, PVC Plastic plates, PE rods, PP rods, POM rods, etc. In addition to supplying the Chinese market, our products are also exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries, and are trusted and recognized by customers. There are more than 10 sets of large-scale processing center equipment, and various types of processing can be processed according to the drawings. The company’s main products Insulation board series: orange red bakelite board, black bakelite board, 3021 phenolic laminated cardboard, 3240 epoxy board, 3025 phenolic cloth board, FR-4 epoxy board, SMC high voltage insulation board, PVC plastic board. Insulating pipe and rod series: PE polyethylene rod, PA nylon rod, 3723 phenolic cloth rod, 3841 epoxy rod, 3640 epoxy tube.Knife switch bottom plate series: including various general and non-standard epoxy boards and phenolic paper boards, see the product category of the website for details. Various types of insulating board processing series: according to the customer’s drawings or samples for finishing, please refer to the product category of the website for details. Other insulating material series: conductive paste, yellow wax tube, electrical tape, etc.Electrical Insulation Plexiglass Sheet suppliers website:http://www.cnholdsen.com/


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