We know that earrings are one of the most famous pieces of jewellery worn by people all over the world. An earring is a jewellery item that decorates our ear. Apart from earrings, there are other ornaments like studs, sleepers etc. These ornaments are various classifications of earrings, but jewellery items like studs can also be worn on other parts of our body.

Before moving on to the different types of ear jewellery pieces, let us check out the various parts of an ear, where these items are worn most commonly.

The Ear Lobe: Ear lobe is the lower hanging area of our ear. It is the most common area of ear-piercing. The cartilage tissue is not present in the ear lobes, unlike other ear parts. Piercings can be made on both upper lobe and lower lobe.

Tragus: Tragus is the small curved part of the external ear which connects the ear to our head. It projects immediately in front of the ear canal. Earring models like studs can be pierced in this region.

Ear Concha: It is the area present next to the ear canal, inside the ear cartilage. Conch piercings have become popular among the youth over the past decades.

Helix: Helix is the outer portion of the ear, which is in the shape of a rim. Mostly, ear piercing in a row is carried on in this portion. Cuff earrings are usually worn on this part of the ear. Usually, piercings are made on the upper portion of the helix. Single helix piercings, as well as multiple helix piercings, are preferred by the people, nowadays.

Now, let’s explore the different types of most commonly used ear jewellery items:

Cuff Earrings: Cuffs can be worn without piercing your ear. They simply hang tight on the outer cartilage. Thes earrings can be easily attached to your ear. You will be able to adjust their size by simply pressing on the outer edge.

Studs: Studs are tiny earpieces, which are now becoming a trendy category of earrings. After wearing the studs, their point of connection to your ear will not be visible from outside. Beautifully crafted gold and silver plated ear studs are now available in the market.

Sleeper Ear Jewells: These ornaments are also known as starter earrings. They are designed in the shape of a hoop or the form of a curl. Being available in different colours and patterns, you will have a variety of options to choose from.

Hoops are similar designs with circular or semicircular shapes ( in the form of a ring) similar to sleeper earrings.

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