Cement Price in Pakistan

Cement is a crucial element in the growth of building industries in Pakistan. The Cement Price in Pakistan is an essential element for buyers. However, there are numerous types of cement available. Look at the pricing list of the most popular brands: DG Cement, Lucky Cement, Maple Leaf Cement, and Bestway Cement.

Pakistan is experiencing a significant problem with the price of cement. The price of the measured quantity cement method has been increased to Rs.1,350 over Rs.1,250 over two months. This is because of an increase in the expense of coal and oil, both important to cement presentation. The government is performing to find a way to cut down the cost of cement. Be on the lookout for the latest information on cement prices in Pakistan to make it more affordable to both people and businesses alike.

Today’s Cement Costs in Pakistan

Cement is a vital construction material that is used in various applications. In Pakistan, cement is produced by various companies. In 2023 the cost of cement manufactured in Pakistan was around 1,050 rupees per 50kg (around 2.2 pounds). The cost of cement is according to the kind of cement used and the manufacturer, along with other variables such as transportation costs. But, generally speaking, cement is priced reasonably in Pakistan. As Pakistan expands and develops, demand for cement is anticipated to rise, which may result in higher prices.

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Cement Price List In Pakistan 2023

Cement Company Quantity Min Price Max Price
Askari Cement 50KG Bag Rs. 1250 Rs. 1300
Attock Cement 50KG Bag Rs. 1,030 Rs. 1250
Pioneer 50KG Bag Rs. 1,040 Rs. 1250
Power Cement 50KG Bag Rs. 1,045 Rs. 1250
Pakland cement price 50KG Bag Rs.  1,035 Rs.1200
Maple Leaf Cement 50KG Bag Rs. 1,700 Rs.1900
DG Cement 50KG Bag Rs. 1,045 Rs.1230
Lucky Cement 50KG Bag Rs. 1,035 Rs. 1200
Bestway Cement 50KG Bag Rs.1,045 Rs. 1250
Kohat Cement 50KG Bag Rs. 1,035 Rs. 1250
Fauji Cement 50KG Bag Rs. 1,030 Rs. 1250
Flying Cement 50KG Bag Rs. 1,015 Rs. 1250
PakCem 50KG Bag Rs. 1,045 Rs. 1230
Maple Leaf White Cement 50KG Bag Rs. 1,555 Rs.1665
FALCON CEMENT(OPC) 50KG Bag Rs. 1,030 Rs. 1220
FALCON CEMENT(SRC) 50KG Bag Rs. 1100 Rs. 1300
Maple Leaf White Cement  40KG Rs. 1,700 Rs. 1,900
Cherat cement 50KG Bag Rs.1,030 Rs.1200
Dewan Cement 50KG Bag Rs. 1,033 Rs.1280
Raj cement products 50KG Bag Rs.1100 Rs.1230

The most valuable quality cement available in Pakistan

Pakistani cement is widely known for its strength, quality, and durability, and many choose to utilize it for renovation or construction projects.


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