Brain concussion linked to lower cognitive function in the old age

Nowadays it’s common to see people in their old age having issues related to cognitive functions. You may ask why so?

Some scientists claim that it could be associated with the concussion you may have had at a young age. Before starting first we should understand what cognitive function is.

What are cognitive functions?

Cognitive functions include our mental ability to perform certain tasks such as learning, reasoning, remembering, problem-solving, decision-making, and attention. Law Dissertation Help Croydon We could not imagine our life without these abilities, although this will impede us when we have more than one concussion in our life.

Our ability to think, talk, decide, reason, and learn is tempered and it makes our life living hell.

The University of Exeter and the University of Oxford verify that someone having more than one concussion even the milder one can be an alarming situation for their later age as it can be the basis for cognitive issues and even worse in some cases dementia.

What is concussion?

Traumatic brain damage such as a concussion impairs your ability to think clearly. While typically transient, side effects might include headaches and difficulties with focus, memory, balance, and coordination. The most common cause of concussions is a hit to the head.


The concussion and the risk of lower cognitive functions.


According to research published in the Journal of Neurotrauma, those who reported having three or more concussions in their lives had worse baseline cognitive performance than those who had never experienced a concussion. The UK study, the largest to date to examine the cognitive consequences of concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI), Law Dissertation Help Croydon was carried out by UNSW Sydney, the University of Oxford, and the University of Exeter. The project’s data analysis involved more than 15,000 study participants.

Majorly people of 50-90 years old are part of the project. The researchers suggest that sportsmen who are prone to such injuries and suffer multiple brain damage should be informed beforehand about the risk they are going to encounter in the future.

Dr. Vanessa Raymont, senior author of the investigation from the university of oxford lectured on how head injuries are primary for dementia. The more you injure your brain the worse your cognitive functions will be later in your life.

According to the report, they witnessed people having three or more head traumas having more severe cognitive function issues, even their speed and working memory worsening with time. Attention and complex tasks are going to be arduous for them to finish off.

Moreover, just one or moderate to severe brain trauma will also put a consequence on memory and brain functions.

Dr. Vanessa also indicated that someone having more than one milder concussion should be informed that, the situation of their brain can be compromised with time.

People doing such work or sportsmen are at risk they should be aware of the influences of their brain concussions. People should take care of their brains as well as their offspring, as most concussions can be from childhood, which can lead to worse cognitive functions.


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