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WALKBOT, a brand of P&S Mechanics, is a Korean manufacturer of rehabilitation robots. It provides natural walking movements and various training programs for patients with walking disorders due to stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, and other conditions. 

A robot, exoskeleton walking device, used for human rehabilitation to improve their quality of life is more valuable than a production robot.

WALKBOT_K Product 

Walkbot (pediatric) Robot Assisted Gait Training Rehabilitation System. 

Walkbot_K is another independent model of Walkbot series that is dedicated to children whose height is from 86cm to 148cm of young patients. In the case of children patients, stiffness and resistance are harder than adults and in most cases, they even have no experience of walking after birth. So, treatment efficacy is much lower in spite of longer training time. 

To expect better outcomes, Walkbot_K was developed with the ankle drive motor in order to give gait balance and correct pattern. Also, it provides relevant clinical information related to locomotion, including data on stiffness associated with spasticity or joint contracture, spatiotemporal data, hip, knee and ankle kinematic and kinetic force data during locomotion training. 

In addition, the playground design as per children’s eye level minimizes the difficulties and unfamiliarity of when children first confront the equipment. Also, an age-appropriate augmented reality program is integrated into the system to maximize interactive participation and motivation to children. 

Optional product: 3D Active augmented virtual reality software, 3D Motion analysis software. 

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