Low-Code is an application development method that elevates coding from textual to visual, thereby reducing the need for an extensive amount of coding. Rather than a technical coding environment, the DEW Low-Code app operates on a model-driven interface that includes drag & drop features, data binding, flow programming, query builder, UI Designer, and Code generation. As a result, all development skill levels — entry-level developers, professional developers, business stakeholders, and decision-makers (managerial levels) — can use or contribute to Low-Code application development solutions to build value-driven enterprise business applications.

DEW Low-code application development platform (LCAP) abstracts, automates, and deploys every step of the application lifecycle in an efficient manner. Hence, app development is accessible to professionals of all skill levels including those without technical expertise, with features that accelerate the development process.

Features of Low-Code

To design and develop the most powerful applications with an easy and less coding approach, an enterprise needs DEW Studio. It effortlessly automates the workflows of the application development process. The cutting-edge applications can be crafted with minimal cost and resources in no time!

Visual Modelling Tools

The visual modeling tools and inbuilt guiding modules empower the users to easily create seamless applications. From expert techies to clerical employees, anyone can harness the DEW studio’s extreme possibilities.

Out of the Box (OOTB) & Creative Functionality

OOTB functionality combined with creative components of the DEW Studio empowers businesses to have holistic modern applications with minimal resource allocation.

Drag-Drop Interface

No need for coding marathons anymore! With or without customization as per your wish, you can simply use drag and drop interface to customize and create your very own advanced application.


Walk in the present but prepare for the future. The best applications are always scalable. The application you acquire should handle the growing workload for future growth prospects and possibilities. DEW Studio is synonymous with its scalability and authenticity!


An easy tool without safety is neither sufficient nor satisfactory. We help you have applications with the utmost security. No external disturbance can now disturb your security fortress.

Benefits of using a Low-Code platform

  • Make use of current talent to create and deliver apps quicker.
  • Encourage participation in development from non IT departments.
  • Create numerous solutions without incurring cost for significant resources.
  • Improved cross-functional team communication and decision-making.
  • Allow expert developers to focus on more challenging projects.
  • Rapid development that is more effective.
  • Rely on reusable components that have already undergone security and performance tests.
  • Increase the consistency and scalability of your app development.
  • Quickly add new features to apps as needed.