Willow did not refuse at all, even though the pain, even though he knew there was no result, he did not refuse at all. Clinging to Gong Di, who was sleeping soundly after the passion, the teenager gazed at his loving eyes, as gentle as water. When Gong Di woke up, his black and clear eyes were in front of him, reflecting his tender face. Kissing the young man’s red lips, the eldest son of the emperor clearly knew that he was in love with him. It was Zhu Gongdi’s first love. First love is like a thick ink that can’t be melted, and there are traces everywhere. Everyone who saw them could see the warmth that was about to overflow when their eyes met. Because of the intimate relationship, Zhu Gongdi finally found that Liu Er often had the scars of being beaten. When he asked him, Liu Er just said lightly, “I can endure it. Don’t make trouble. If I make trouble, I can’t be with you anymore.” Zhu Gongdi knew that what he said was true, so he did not inquire, but tried to take Liu Er with him to protect his safety. Wen Ying did not move. The person who appears is the queen. The empress ordered him to immediately send Liu Er to a distant place and never see her again, but Gong Di flatly refused. However,White Marble Mosaic, after a discussion in the imperial study, he did not see Liu waiting outside. His heart was suddenly cold. He ran madly to the queen’s palace and only had time to save his flesh-and-blood lover under the stick. Liu Er lay in bed for two months, Gong Di squeezed out all possible time to accompany him, had to leave, but also to leave the most confidant to take care of. Even in the hospital bed, Liu Er is still so elegant and beautiful,grey marble slab, as long as he sees Gong Di, his face will immediately burst into a transparent smile like sunshine. The two of them often hugged each other in this way, talking aimlessly here and there, sometimes in the middle of the night, as if if they didn’t say it now, they wouldn’t have a chance to say it again at dawn. During the period of nursing Liu Er’s recovery, Gong Di completely changed his work and rest rules. His changes were so dramatic that the matter finally reached the emperor’s ears. The emperor summoned him angrily and shouted at him. Gong Di knelt on the ground. He had always regarded his father as a God, and this was the first time that he could raise his eyes frankly when facing his furious father. It’s so shameless. Do you remember your identity as the eldest son of the emperor? How dare you raise a catamite brazenly? “The emperor hit him with an inkstone and brushed his sideburns.” Willow is not a catamite. Gong Di said. Not a catamite? What is it if not a catamite? Zhu Gongdi shook his head gently. He knew that in anyone’s eyes Willow was a real catamite, only he knew in his heart that Willow was his lover, but to say it would only make people think he was crazy. The emperor handed over a small porcelain bottle, the mouth of which was tightly plugged with mahogany. This is nine poinsettias. Originally, the catamite was not qualified to use this kind of thing. For your sake, give him a whole body. Gong Di remained motionless. Gong’er, White Marble Slabs ,white marble slabs, “the emperor’s voice suddenly became gloomy,” do you dare to resist the decree? Do you also want to be sent to the north desert as a ghost like those two animals? The cold little porcelain bottle was handed straight to his eyes, and Zhu Gongdi slowly reached out to catch it. “Go and return to the palace tomorrow.” The emperor said this lightly and got up to go back to his bedroom. Gong Di walked out of the palace gate with the poisonous nine poinsettias in his hand. It was already winter, and the evening sky was overcast, as if the first snow of the year was about to fall. The chariot of the Grand Prince’s Mansion greeted the Marquis outside the palace gate, and he got into the carriage without saying a word. Zhu Gongdi is a brave man. In a sense, he is far braver than his brother. At the first turn of the carriage from the imperial city, he had thrown the nine poinsettias into the sewer beside the road. Back in the house, Liu stood waiting in front of the door, his face white, but unusually calm. Gong Di hugged him for a long time, until the snow fell all over the sky. Let’s go. I have to go tonight. Gong Di said. He may give up willow’s love, but he will never give up willow’s life. Where to go “Yezhou.”. I bet what Feng Feili said to me was true. They simply packed up and left the palace after the first watch. Perhaps no one expected that Gong Di would give up everything and take Liu away, so the escape went smoothly until he left the city gate. I do not know is discovered, or has been waiting for the enemy to finally seize the opportunity, forty miles out of the gate, the pursuers have shouted approaching. Willow’s horse fell into a deep pit, Gong Di pulled him up and sat behind him, two people ride toward the direction of Yezhou, the torch behind him is getting closer and closer, there are arrows flying from the side. Gong Di’s heart was cold. He knew that no one dared to shoot an arrow without his father’s consent, but he did not understand what kind of existence his son was in his father’s heart? Running until dawn, Gong Di found that he had gone astray. Perhaps because of the deviation of the road, the pursuers have disappeared. Willow sat close behind him, never saying a word. We’re safe for now. Gong Di said softly. Willow nodded, her face as white as snow. Gong Di’s heart sank and he hugged him and jumped off the horse. Two long arrows were stuck in the back of the willow, and the blood was frozen, but Gong Di did not hear a moan in the middle of the night. Gong Di did not dare to pull out the arrow, he just broke the shaft outside the body. I didn’t think of this when I left, so I didn’t bring the medicine. “It doesn’t matter,” said Willow with a smile. “The blood has stopped.” Gong Di’s tears flowed down, he hugged Liu Er to get on the horse again, and continued to move forward to Yezhou. On the way, the two men were still talking without a word, and Willow hummed a ballad to him. Three days later, he came to the gates of Yezhou, and as soon as he said to the soldiers guarding the city, “Look for Feng Feili,” he fainted with Liu in his arms. When he woke up, he was lying on a soft bed,white marble mosaic, staring at him with a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes. He held out his hand. “Where’s Willow?” Feng Fei turned sideways, and Liu lay peacefully on a soft couch beside her, with rippling dimples on her cheeks. Gong Di smiled on his lips and held his hand firmly. forustone.com