yuan Gui paddled his limbs and got into the water. He really went to fetch the mud for Dao Zu. Dao Zu continued to meditate on the surface of the water. Two hundred million years later, yuan Gui came back with the mud in his mouth. He handed the silt to Daozu, who waved it out, and land and shoals appeared on the water. As soon as yuan Gui saw that he had helped Daozu get the mud, he let the water surface where he usually played decrease. He was furious and rushed at Daozu fiercely. With a wave of his sleeve, Daozu turned yuan Gui into a human form. And this yuan Turtle was the so-called Great Demon who was later suppressed under the Pagoda of Slant Clouds. yuan Gui was about the same age as Taoist Ancestor. When he met Taoist Ancestor, some of the sages at the level of patriarch had not yet been born, and some lived in a corner of the world. It’s just that this tortoise is lazy by nature and practices very slowly. Later, for some unknown reason, the tortoise got into trouble with Kuangxin. The two of them had to fight to the death. After a struggle, Kuangxin suppressed him at the bottom of the slanting cloud pagoda, tied him with a chain made of red copper from the first mountain with a thick bowl mouth, and sank him into the bone pool. Since ancient times, the winner is the loser. This yuan tortoise is not a demon, but so suppressed, also can only end up with a demon’s name, yuan tortoise also does not mind, do the duty to do the ancestor of this demon repair. Later, the big tortoise stayed lonely in the bone pool and began to dig a hole in the ground. The tortoise was hard all over and had no flaws. It was very easy to dig a hole. Its two front palms were dug and closed,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, and it was very happy to entertain itself. Still later, the tortoise had fun, and it seemed that he did not go out of the bone pool, nor did he appear in front of the descendants of many demons. Even his promising nominal disciples managed to sneak into the pagoda and fuse the four iron chains in the bone pool, but the tortoise didn’t know it. All day long, they just drilled holes and dug holes. The disciples on the bone pool waited for a few days, but they didn’t see the Demon Ancestor come out. They could only cry and leave for a while,carnosic acid price, waiting for a long time to discuss. Where did they know that their patriarch was digging holes and playing with mud. On this day, the tortoise finally dug through the Styx River in the hell of Artemisia. Also on this day, Xie Cradle and his party dived into the River Styx and were about to return to the human world through the crevice in the river, but they did not know how many days they had walked at the bottom of the River Styx, and the two men, who were very unlucky, could not even find a crevice in the right way. Suddenly, a whirlpool about a hundred feet high rose from the side of the river bank, stirring up the bones in the black water. Xie Cradle and his party were caught off guard and were blown into a somersault. Yu Hongyi quickly took the sword to the ground, she was stronger, one hand inserted the sword, one hand pulled Xie cradle and rhinoceros, waist wrapped around the fat Jiao who refused to return to the spirit animal bag, naringenin price ,stesweet stevia, she also appeared to be effortless. It is no wonder that when Xie Cradle competed with her for the first time, he would recognize her as Tixiu. The scene of a dragon sucking water in the Styx River lasted for a long time before it slowly stopped. Xie Cradle was lying in the mud and bones stirred up. Just as he breathed a sigh of relief, Green Jiao suddenly burst into a harsh scream: “Ah, ah, the fairy saved the turtle!” Xie spat out a mouthful of mud in his mouth and said sullenly, “You and I are in the hell of wormwood. It’s normal to meet a ghost. You should be surprised when you meet a talented person.” “It’s not a man, it’s a turtle!” “Green Jiao’s voice this time seemed to come from under his tail, and the pustule shrank itself into a ball and buried itself in his tail.” You’re such a coward. She turned her head lazily to see what had frightened the green dumpling into that kind of virtue. In the place where the whirlpool had just stood, less than three feet away from Xie Cradle’s face, it seemed like a cave in which there was something with a sharp mouth and big eyes, carrying a thick shell behind it, with rich green hair floating on it. This thing is so big that the shell alone can make four or five people roll side by side and still have the rest. yuan Gui and several people looked at each other and said sadly, “It’s been dug through again.” So distressed, so sad, so sad. Tomorrow is another lonely day. yuan Gui shook the mud and dust on his body, slowly twisted over, dragged a tail and the chains on his limbs, and began to climb into the cave, unwilling to even deal with the living things in front of him. The little rhinoceros, who had been crying all the way, took a look at the cave and suddenly asked in a loud voice, “I dare to ask the elder, where does this lead to?” The three rhinoceros brothers were also good at digging holes. When they were still young, they all dug holes to look for treasures and support their families. So the smell of the cave, a rhinoceros smell, can be sensitive to perceive: This is a very long hole, it is estimated that can directly lead to the eastern world of immortals! yuan would not say slowly: “Oblique … …” Cloud Tower.. He is a slow person, speaking and doing things are also a slow look, every word, as if to die. As soon as the little rhinoceros’s eyes brightened, he immediately said, “Elder, we are lost here. Can we borrow a way to return to the eastern boundary of immortals from the slanting cloud pagoda?” Xie Cradle was staring at the chains on the tortoise’s four feet. He had just said the three words of the slanting cloud tower. He had just realized what role the tortoise was. He wanted to stop the rhinoceros, but it was too late. yuan Gui turned his head and glanced at the three of them. His slow steps stopped. “Yes, of course,” he said cheerfully. “Come and walk in front of me.” The little rhinoceros let out a happy cry. Wait a minute! Xie said, “Thank you for your kindness, but the ban in the tower is extraordinary. Even if the three of us can escape from here, I’m afraid we can’t get out of the ban in the tower. So we can only appreciate the kindness of our predecessors.” The little rhinoceros looked at her doubtfully. The ban in the slanting cloud tower was destroyed by Xie Lang and Qinshan Lord after she was trapped in it and killed two monks. Later, the ban was arranged by the two immortals. Although it was difficult to break it, at least it was much safer than staying in the Styx River. But doubt is doubt, and this time the rhino was smart enough not to say it. yuan Gui laughed and stared at the three of them with clear eyes. “Come and go,akba boswellic acid, I’ll help you break the ban. Believe me!”! The old man is so pitiful that he has no one to talk with him for so long. As he spoke, he threw his tail, and the three of them were thrown into a long hole and fell into a rolling gourd. prius-biotech.com