Mobile devices in focus: programs and interactions in society.

Today, applications are

increasingly present in our lives. They are part of our routine and

help to communicate, entertain and inform us.

In addition, these programs are essential for us to solve problems and

help make decisions.

Next, check out a premise on how the applications work and how to

have become indispensable in our lives.


Systematic dependence on software by humans.

Applications are programmed designed to perform

various actions on an electronic device, such as a cell phone or a computer.

Some apps are free, while others can be paid. Many

of them are available for free download from app stores.


These applications help users to perform tasks like app Docs and

entertainment applications that allow users to watch programs

of TV.

Furthermore, media applications such as Twitter or Facebook

allowed communication and interaction between people from all over the world to be

A reality.

On the other hand, map applications such as Google Maps help users

users to find places.

Health apps, such as Apple Health or Google Fit, help

users to monitor their health.

We cannot forget that there are also payment applications, such as

Apple Pay or Google Play, allowing users to pay for products and


Undoubtedly, these programs are transforming the way we live in

our society.

Commonly, they help us to solve problems and make decisions, too.

are crucial for communicating and having fun.

Mobile programs based on remote work.

These programs still serve as a remote work platform where

users are paid for online tasks.

Among the works, there are market research, tests in

games, apps and websites.

In addition, the applications have enough technology to facilitate the

speech-to-text conversion process and also translations.

In short, they are capable of creating human transcription with intelligence.


They are important as tools for tech startups or large

companies in the sector.

A good example is the Lionbridge applications that serve to connect

people around the world and provide remote jobs.

Among the possibilities, the evaluation of advertising in

social or the quality of content found on the web.

What’s more, translations and other work can also be remunerated

through these digital platforms.

And, therefore, it is a fact that they have become essential technologies for

creation and evolution of remote jobs around the world.

Therefore, the applications, make the market of applications of

work grows not being reduced to the physical.

In this way, enterprises can invest in this technology to

favor your business with applications working with the idea of the environment

internal (company) and external (people, customers).

For this reason, reducing mobility limitations is the main

characteristic of mobile devices, which is fundamental for resources

employees in labor assistance, considering the inherent peculiarities

by professionals.

Technology is changing the world and the way we interact with it,

software has never been so present in our lives.

If I may, here I want to share my thinking, technology causes

fear or admiration, but it is the ultimate expression of our evolution.

Reading is one of the best ways to get informed. I suggest you read my

next articles.