The Hindu University of America’s Certificate Program in Bhagavad Gita through Sanskrit gives a four-year serious program of review that gets ready starting understudies, i.e., with no earlier familiarity or information on Sanskrit, to accomplish capability in Bhagavad Geeta through the Sanskrit (Samskritam) language. In this program, the personnel will lead the understudies section by refrain, in arrangement through the Bhagavad Geeta, while at the same time unfurling both the implications of the stanzas as well as the subtleties of the language. This program expects to empower the understudies to concentrate on the Bhagavad Geeta straightforwardly without interpretation or intervention, and gain capability in conversational Sanskrit, i.e., the capacity to talk smoothly and appreciate without any problem. Toward the finish of this program, understudies will actually want to get to other Shastras in the Sanskrit language easily all alone. 

This program watches out for an establishment enlightening game plan for understudies of any age going from Discretionary School onwards. It is relegated at starting understudies enthusiastically to become familiar with another dialect, as well as people who race to draw in with the Bhagavad Geeta, in its unique language. No past information on Sanskrit is typical next to data on the Devanagari script. The strategy for showing will be absolutely in Sanskrit with a help with English to rapidly revive understudies. Understudies with some data on the Devanagari Content and any one Indian language (Bharatiya Bhasha), will have a less perplexing enlistment to this Program.

For centuries, the Bhagavad Gita has breathed new live into colossal number of perusers. This is the very thing that a part of the greats need to say in acknowledgment of this respected hallowed composition.

Hindu University of America (HUA) was laid out in 1989 and was approved in 1993 to furnish understudies with a novel scholastic climate to investigate the information frameworks established in and rising up out of Vedic idea for example the methods of reasoning, customs, culture, and development that has come to be called Hinduism in the famous creative mind.



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