It is comprised of eight courses for students of all ages, including post the high school level (Grade 12 or GED). It is the final of three phases that follow – Intermediate, Beginner and Advanced. They make up the Certificate Program in Sanskrit Learning Proficiency. It requires that you have completed the Beginner and Intermediate phases of the Sanskrit proficient program. (Total eight quarters) As students progress in their ability in the language of instruction, they will gradually shift to Sanskrit in a manner that is easy and comfortable.

It’s an 8 quarter, 88 week intensive co at trains students urse th who have prior Sanskrit Learning Knowledge to be capable of rehearsing reading, writing and writing simple texts and engaging in conversational activities that allow them to take on advanced courses easily. Intermediate Level CPSP is targeted at adults and high school students who are eager to learn the language of their choice in depth and apply this when studying the texts and the literature of Hinduism and its many derivative knowledge systems. The course is taught by committed HUA Faculty members, via an online user-friendly Platform that includes a learning method that utilizes real-time virtual classes.

Program Structure:

This Certificate Course in Sanskrit Learning Proficiency – Advanced Phase is designed in the form of eight quarters (2 years) sequenceof 1.5 Credit hours per quarter. The total will be 120 hours of training and the equivalent of 240 hours of self-study total. Innovatively designed with the textbooks and curriculum developed for by Samskrita Bharati USA ( The program will be based on the material found in SBusa’s SBusa publications “SUBHASHA” “SUVAANII” “KUSUMAM” and “SAURABHAM” and will be supplemented with other relevant courses’ content.

After the completion of this phase, students will be given the option of taking up additional advanced studies in Sanskrit by:

(a) the Master’s Certificate Programs

(b) master’s degree in Sanskrit Learning In all cases, students will be part of an “Higher Education” ecosystem that allows for the advancement of education in Hindu studies, as in Sanskrit Learning literature studies. Innovatively designed using the foundation curriculum and textbooks written as well as published through Samskrita Bharati, the Program will be based on the content found within the twelve books.

Learning Objective(s):

After completing the course of study, students will be able to attain an understanding of the Sanskrit language in these six areas:

(a) (a) Reading (i.e. the alphabets, sentences, and words); paThanam

(b) writing (Forming coherent paragraphs and sentences); lekhanam

(c) (c) Listening (Comprehending Sanskrit speech when someone else is talking); shravaNam

(d) Conversation (Being capable of speaking accurately and grammatically correct Sanskrit in a manner that other people can understand what it means); sambhAShaNam

(e) Grammar (The structure and the technology of the language); vyAkaraNam, and

(f) Comprehensive (Being capable of engaging with complicated sentences, both spoken and written, and understand the meanings of them without assistance. avagamanam.


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